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Greetings, traveller.

My name is Vinayak Kohli.

Not having a regular job for a while has given me the time, to create these pieces, and more importantly, to reflect on ideas that are of interest to me. The latter I find especially important: I believe that learning stuff without understanding what it may mean translates into junk in the brain—not exactly something I would like to collect.

I am interested in writing humour and satire, as well as mathematics and philosophy.

In these writings of mine you will–hopefully–find a) amusement, and b) some thoughts on diverse topics.

Pleased to meet you!

  1. Rachna permalink

    one of my friend made me read dis…add on some more abt relationships..

  2. Sumi permalink

    Hi V,

    I’ve enjoyed your writing from the past couple of times that I’ve checked out your blog. Can’t believe how quickly you update your writings and the range that you cover. You make me laugh and you make me think. May the Muses stay with you for a very long time!

  3. Hey,
    Was remembering you today.I thought this might be a good place to leave message.The blog is pretty cool if you dont have the email.

    How is the place and when are you coming back.Keep me posted.


  4. i think its you permalink

    i came looking for one of my school friends ………. from apeejay school saket………. the best days of my life :)……… this frnd wanted to become a pilot but………… the specs thing didnt let him persue his dream pilot job ;p…………

    i liked your writings….. which somehow reminded me of his excellent english maska skills back in school :) in prabha mehta mam’s english classes…in apeejay……..

    • anubhuti permalink

      jst came to this link while searching for prabha mehta mam.. does anyone have any clue where she is these days?? i too am a apeejay saket passout and a constant group leader in prabha mam’s class :P.. please lemme know if anyone has an idea..


  5. lifeislikeabutterfly permalink

    heyie its “i think its you”…… ive made an account here …. ive sent you an invite on gmail…… keep in touch!

  6. Hi!
    This is Tithi this side.. got your web URL from Facebook.
    Anyhow, I’m really kicked about reading your work. Hope you’ve been good :) Left my web URL,too. Please do visit my page sometime :-)

  7. Hilarious and brilliant! It is refreshing to read something funny written by a fellow Indian which is actually witty as opposed to corny/slapstick.

    Good luck!

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