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December 7, 2016

Today the term is still in use, though in a slightly different form, and with a different pronunciation and meaning.

A lesser known fact about the great French impressionist painter Claude Monet is that he went through a particularly rough patch in his career. It was a period that saw the popularity of his work dip sharply, the reason for which had much to do with a bar fight he had once got into. What happened was that after a longish session at a bar, a thoroughly-drunk Monet rather viciously attacked a group of people there, a group that happened to consist of some of the leading art critics and curators of the day (they were quietly enjoying a drink at the time). After the episode, these people promptly stopped engaging with his work – who could blame them – and being quite influential, they ensured that his paintings wouldn’t be seen in any respectable art exhibition anytime soon. So many art exhibitions were effectively ‘de-Monetized’. (Now refer to the very first line.)

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