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Tried and tested ways to beat the Monday Blues

September 12, 2016

a. Find work that you love. That way you’ll actually look forward to Mondays.

b. Think positive. Tell yourself that Monday isn’t that bad, that perhaps there are interesting opportunities awaiting you on Monday, opportunities that can make a big difference to your career.

c. Read inspiring/motivational quotes on your way to work.

d. Exercise before getting to work (Running, swimming, biking, gymming — all are great).

e. Meditate early in the morning. Also do some yoga if you can.

f. Listen to peppy, upbeat music on your commute.

g. Try laughter therapy at work. Best to intimate HR in advance, though.

h. Start working on Sunday. So by the time it’s Monday, you’ll already be in work mode and hardly experience any negativity.

i. Slap your boss on the face as soon as you get to work. If you happen to like your boss, slap someone you dislike on the face. In case you’re fired for the act, see if it’s possible for you to take some time off and travel.

j. Recite the Gayathri Mantra 10000 times before getting to work, but while standing on one leg. Don’t know how but it works, trust me on this. Note: It takes a while, so begin early, like Sunday evening.

k. Take hallucinogenic drugs.

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