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Types of optimism

February 18, 2014

Classic optimism: The glass is half full.

Optipessimism: The glass is half full…but how absolutely horrible to be deprived of one whole half. Like shit.

Pessioptimism: The glass is half empty… But just imagine for a moment the truly wondrous things one could achieve even with just a half full glass. So keep that smile on, OK?

Radical optimism: Half full? What nonsense. It’s full — half full of water, and half full of air, of course.

Nothing, but optimism: The glass is always full, not half-full. You were deceived because you used the wrong glass, which was just too big.

‘Half empty happens for a reason’ optimism: Of course it’s half full, and there’s a great reason why it’s only half full: it’s what makes us fully appreciate the value of what we have. The half empty part ensures we don’t take what we have for granted. Therefore, yay for the half empty!

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