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October 26, 2012

Sudha and Sandeep were having a close encounter of the first kind, right beside the bedroom window of her ultra-plush 16th floor penthouse apartment. Sudha with her back against the wall, and holding Sandeep firmly in her arms.

Sudha wanted him to focus on her neck, instructing him to cover every square centimetre of it with cotton-soft kisses. Now Sandeep, who incidentally was this rather charming midget, wouldn’t have had a problem with that, had there been a little less neck to cover – how the bloody hell, he wondered, had this strand of giraffe DNA found its way into the human race?

Sudha was only starting to have a nice time, when she heard the click of the main door and the usual ‘Honey, I’m home’ – only this time these came a full two hours earlier than usual.
And that was precisely when she softly said Oh Shit.
But then, all of a sudden, she discovered an incredible window of opportunity. Through which, much to Sandeep’s consternation (which completely silenced him), she ended their fling — with a pretty different kind of fling one must admit.
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