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Question time..

July 29, 2012

Are you unable to decide which is less fun — driving through a crowded place in Mumbai, or kissing a porcupine?

Would you like to emulate the movement of a snake? Or make a Mumbaikar’s vertebral column move like one?

Does a mad throng of people vying for you at the railway station, and many other places, at any given time, give you a power trip? Does constantly dishing out rejections give you one?

Would you like to be a socially responsible citizen/seer-like figure, disseminating your views to the ignorant masses – anything from politics, to the dishonesty rampant among others in your profession, to the most disconcerting looseness of the city’s women?

Want to watch free porn in your rear-view mirror every now and then?

Are you reading Of Course Digital Meters Can be Tampered Too, You Silly?
Or Make Dummies Out of the Public, For Dummies?

If you answered YES to these questions, you should be spending your time driving an autorickshaw, not waiting for one.

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