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More pay wanted..

July 7, 2012

The Management Head

Subject: Discussion regarding increment in salary

Dear Sir,

I gave our talk yesterday some more thought. Which led me to concede that some of the points you made, as to why you would be unable to meet my salary expectations, were quite fair. Particularly the points about the firm’s average performance last year, global recessionary trends, changes in company policy, and the untimely death of Mickey Mouse. Some of your other points, however, I’m not in full agreement with; I would like to discuss those with you, at your earliest convenience of course.

I do hope you will reconsider your offer. And I don’t think I need to reiterate the fact that I have proved myself as a capable worker, time and time again. What is more, I have just kidnapped your mom.

Kind regards,

Satish Kumar

One Comment
  1. shivika permalink

    that is hilarious!!

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