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No dearth of body odour around the office…

June 8, 2012

And someone finally wrote a stinker about it.

A friend from office put up  the following comment on her facebook:

Is there really a polite way of telling someone, ‘Can you PLEASE start using some deodorant’?

A question one decided to tackle.

One way:
It’s called the ‘Put the ball in their court, and then some’ strategy.
First casually ask them to imagine a situation in which they are in the presence of someone with body odour. Then ask them how they would find a polite way to tell that someone.
But make sure you have ‘People living in glass houses’ playing on loop, at sufficient volume on a cleverly placed audio device — throughout the interaction; you may also need to subtly allude to the audio if the person appears befuddled.
Should get the point across.
If not, then here’s another way:

Ask them if they’ve seen Basic Instink  — an awesome movie, for adult skunks.

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