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Valentine’s Day ads..

February 6, 2012

Dinesh Nagpal worked as a freelance copywriter. Mostly with ad agencies, which would use and abuse him — seemingly the traditional way  of doing things in advertising (in India, at least). One day during an assignment, he had to make a few ads for a diamond jewellery brand that wanted to cash in on Valentine’s Day, which was around the corner.

Dinesh ended up doing some pretty insightful work…have a look.

Coochi Coo Coochi Coo Coochi Coo….

Perhaps this Valentine’s Day you could give your stuffed Panda a much-needed break, and do the above with some nice girl instead.
And data suggests that a diamond will hugely improve your chances of engaging in this activity with her.
To know more, SMS “COOCHI COO” to the girl’s father.

If you have a crush on her, may we suggest something difficult to crush…

Hello! I’m not talking about her heart you dope.

If you don’t buy diamonds this Valentine’s Day, hope you always remember: one male copywriter lost his manhood, for no good reason.

She’s your best friend. Her best friend’s a diamond.
Now what’re you waiting for? A crayon to join the dots?

This Valentine’s Day, if you don’t buy diamonds, AND, don’t convince at least 7 others to do the same, big time misfortune will befall you and your wretched clan.

Now be a good girl and get on with it.

Because until quite recently you thought the XX in her messages referred to her chromosomes.

That’s the only reason we’re asking you not to trust your instinct to get her a gift. Trust ours instead – get her a diamond.

BhowBhow BhowBhowBhow BhowBhow.

Sorry that was just some dogs barking in the neighbourhood.
Yaah, so I was saying, get her a diamond this Valentine’s.

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