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Hardy Har Har..

January 3, 2012

Allow your mind to waft into a bygone era. To a time when pirates ruled the high seas. (You’re right – that’s rather a lot of wafting to be doing especially at this time of night; but hey, it just might be worth the effort.)
Now these pirates had a certain tradition: after a honest day’s plunder and pillage at sea, they would invariably put their feet up to celebrate their spoils. And how. Drunken revelry on their ships was the order of the night. As were some rather unchaste activities.
During these occasions, some pirates would lift with their hands, the boxes and chests that were full to the brim with the valuables they had looted. Then they would jerk them around in the air, uttering loudly aggressive, jubilant cries while doing so. That’s exactly how those pirates used to shake their booty. The End.

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