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It happened to Pinocchio..

December 17, 2011

Pinocchio – yes the same guy who lied a lot – was quite devoted to his wife, Denise. She too was devoted, but often less to him than to her next door neighbour, Jack. So when Pinocchio would go to work, Denise and Jack would often, well, enjoy themselves.
But one day, things didn’t go quite as planned. Jack was at Denise’s place. Then here’s what happened next:

Denise (to Jack): C’mon baby, light my fire.

[Just then Pinocchio, who had left office earlier than usual, enters the house and finds the two of them. It’s clear from his face that he’s taking an uncompromising position on their rather compromising one.]

Denise (to Jack): Now C’mon baby, fight my liar.

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