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The office solution..

June 11, 2011

Ashok was in the men’s washroom in his office, when he started to wonder if any of the Accounts guys had formerly been milkmen. It seemed plausible, since the office policy seemed to be, “In dilution lies the solution.” The soap solution, in this case. So, mused Ashok, first get your hands dirty by deceiving the public–he worked in advertising–and then, stay stuck with those dirty hands. And never mind the germs; after all what’s the point of having a huge population like India’s, if you can’t even take liberties with people’s lives (it’s not like we’re scarce or something). Anyway, it was a known fact that germs only attacked people who were not heinously exploited. Which meant that Ashok–and most of his colleagues–had absolutely no reason to worry. Ashok heaved a sigh of relief, incidentally at the same time time a corpulent female entering the ladies washroom heaved her quite unwieldy bosoms.
And they lived happily ever after.

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