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Late night serenity

January 27, 2011

Amble to the kitchen in the dead of night. Open the fridge, gently of course. Take out some bread, cheese spread and a big, firm tomato (about a third of which has been used earlier). Proceed to put the two slices of bread into the toaster.

Then on your cutting board lovingly hold the tomato with your left hand, and cut it into thin slices with a serrated blade; it’s ever so slight saw-like sound only adds to the sensual atmosphere. Also chop one green chilly (This is not quite in keeping with the serenity program, but allowances will have to be made for that incorrigible Indian palate). Make sure that smile stays on your face during the entire process. By this time, the toasts have popped out. Proceed to spread some spread on one toast, gently of course, and (gently) lay the slices of tomato on it. Then sprinkle some green chilly on the tomatoes, and also little bit of Tabasco sauce.

Time to close the deal. Smile. Munch. Smile. Munch. And smile and munch some more. Open the fridge (in a loving manner of course) to find some juice and soda to wash the meal down. Feel utter bliss in the kitchen. Oh, and repeat the entire process once more (in a gentle manner of course) for a second sandwich. The only thoughts going through your mind at this stage would–and should–be world peace and universal love.

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