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Up the ante..

November 9, 2010

I was making coffee when I saw the most amazing thing in the kitchen: a cluster of ants were lugging a dead cockroach up a wall, which has a window about three feet from the kitchen floor. They were using the cockroach’s feelers to pull it upward. However,  somewhere about halfway up the wall, they gave up, and proceeded to take it down to the ground. Can imagine the conversation that they must have had at that stage:

Ant1: “This heavy motherfreaker is really driving me up the wall.  Wait..isn’t it me who’s…”

Ant2: “Let’s just eat him on the ground; the guys waiting outside can find their own damn cockroach.”

Ant3: “Hear, hear. I’ll relay the message. Though have to say: being selfish is kinda, should I say, antithetical to our usual philosophy.”

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