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“Mae tumhaare maa ki bachchi banne waali hoon.”..

August 5, 2010

..that’s what a girl who just found her long-lost brother said to him.

It’s the typical filmy story. Kumbh ka Mela. Brother and sister, who think themselves to be orphans, get separated in the crowd. Boy grows up to be a successful police officer, and one day finds his mother, who to make a living carries anaaj ki borees in a rich and evil businessman’s godown. Mother knows he is her son due to the birthmark on his arm that looks like a human skull. Why she abandoned her children is a very long story, which I won’t delve into here. Then one day he finds his sister after infiltrating and destroying a drug trafficking racket (she was forcibly pulled into it as a child, he learnt later). How does she recognize her? Obviously by the same birthmark (which the girl also has), and also because she was reciting numbers endlessly in an almost trance-like way, numbers that he knew could only be the digits of the transcendental number pi (she had the exact same habit as a kid). He tells her she’s his sister, and also that they have a mother who lives with him. Then follows the shock and tumbling out of powerful emotions, at which point the girl recites the aforementioned line: “Mae tumhaare maa ki bachchi banne waali hoon.”

Gets me weepy-eyed every time.

  1. seen incendies?

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