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Interpretation of the Photograph – IV

June 29, 2009
Polar Bears

Polar Bears

1) I think I’ll just chill against this ice-cushion of mine for a bit and watch some TV.

2)Can it really be true? Polar News Network says that the ice-caps are melting. Damn humans. This is hardly my idea of getting a warm welcome.

3)This is what the visual representation of Tri-Polar Disorder generally looks like.

4)The world is becoming polarised. Join the bandwagon. 

5)Dare to Bear.

6) This view is relaxing and beary nice!

7) MTV is showing my favorite song– it’s by Seal. Which reminds me, I could actually eat a whole seal right about now–I’m that hungry.

8)Sitting on my ass like this has been my most satisfying ass-ignment yet.

9) Cooling one’s heels can be quite pleasurable sometimes.

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  1. Nice……………..

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