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Short Movie Review: The curious case of Benjamin Button

March 3, 2009

The film is about a very unusual man, who is born old but keeps getting younger with every passing year. The film is based on a story by the American writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Facets of the film reminded me of Forrest Gump: the stories in both films unfold in flashbacks. Both movies are about men born with disabilities who in some sense, manage to triumph over their adversities. Both men travel the world and have unusual experiences, some of which are set against the backdrop of war. Both men wait for many years before they can be with the women they love — only to lose them again. Benjamin Button is a touching film about optimism, positivity and hope — in the face of adversity and despite the pervasive human conditions of impermanence and loss. The unusualness of the central character (played by Brad Pitt), the excellent depiction of events in his life with respect to his circumstances and a fine display of acting by the cast, make this a must-watch film.


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