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Short Movie Review: Delhi-6

February 23, 2009

The film seems like a play in many places, due to: the characterisations; the props-like feel of Chaandni Chowk; and the ‘Aesop’s fables’ morals of the story’-style enlightenment of the denizens of Chaandni Chowk — and that too at the hands of the dreaded ‘Monkey-Man’. Because of this theatrical feel in places, I wasn’t as ‘sucked-in’ as I have been with some other films. Moreover, the love-angle between Sonam Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan does not quite feel natural. Perhaps that is because of a somewhat unconvincing performance by Sonam Kapoor. 

The things about the film which I wholeheartedly endorse though are, the vital social messages advocating Hindu-Muslim unity and the eschewing of casteism. The Director, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, also depicts the abundance of ignorance, blind faith, bigotry and sanctimony in India. 
It is of great importance to keep reiterating these messages to masses of India. In this regard, the very un-cerebral film-making that Omprakash Mehra employs this time is more likely to be efficacious than a Kubrick-like treatment of such themes.

One Comment
  1. gr8 music, top stars, oscar winner’s music… best Director….Over all Delhi 6 is a complete package offering you every thing. You get to see, Delhi Streets, Dilli ka dil, love, Religion, Politics, Police and language.
    My overall rating is 6 out of 5.

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