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August 9, 2008

Life is an enigma–there’s just no easy way to describe it. There are just so many facets to it, and so many contradictions. It’s a journey, a long winding road. And one learns on the way.

Life’s about savouring the good times. It’s about having the strength to deal with loss and separation. It’s about keeping steadfast resolve at those times when everything around you is crumbling. Life is about pleasure and pain, darkness and light, despair and hope, and it’s about the things that lie in between these extremes. Life–truly a unique and special experience.

It’s about charlatans from the advertising industry using contrived imagery that is designed to con people into feeling emotional. The idea–of course–is to extract money out of them. Before you know it some link has been made between some such imagery and a consumer product, and the latter is unabashedly pushed in your face. It’s about guile and fraudulence really.

Anyway, carrying on with these dichotomies, life is about dogs and cats, wealth and poverty, missionary and doggy-style, diarrhoea and constipation.. Diarrhoea and constipation: Yes folks, like it or not, our bowel movement is a constant fixture regardless of which of these twin-minarets of our worldly existence we take into consideration. A case of faecal famine or flood can be seriously detrimental to success in life. We at OriginofFaeces™ understand this well and so have spent years developing world class remedies for these ailments. We care about you; whether too much sh*t happens in your life, or it doesn’t happen when it really should, we have a solution for you, so that you can go ahead and realise those dreams of yours without facing any such difficulties.

OriginofFaeces™ – Ensuring that you take a healthy dump, always.

  1. Rohini Kohli permalink

    I can hear your disdain for the crap that advertising can often dish out at us. Please analyse the “Mastercard” ad which really reaches the zenith of such drivel.

    Agree with you totally. Someone rescue us from the packaged vacuum of ‘new-age’ advertising.

    Hope some syrup is kept on the shelf where it belongs!

  2. Aditya C. permalink

    Kholi Shit! He’s back and writing again… amazingly shitty experiences in life have made us suckers for advertising’s pretty blurs… cheers bro!

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