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February 13, 2008

Still benumbed by shock, the survivors cannot forget when Savagery,

Like acid thrown at them, mutilated their way of life.

Armed with machine guns and machetes,

The wolves descended upon the town

With hatred inundating their veins

And heinous desire emanating from their pores.

The men were made to watch

As their women were beaten, stripped, raped and brutalised,

And the unborn were torn out of ripped wombs.

The agony of living this, seeing this.

And then the shock that followed

Was like a coma, which left them barren

And with not much more than a beating heart.

After this thorough mangling of senses,

The un-dead were hacked, butchered or shot.


From → poetry

  1. Ishita permalink

    black…. bt gud nonetheless….

  2. Miriam permalink


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