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October 9, 2007

Watch, as I faze the Night and set her black sky alight. Watch, as I scorch the earth and extirpate all that you birth. With molten avalanche shall I drape, neither man nor structure shall escape. Faces shall contort in pain–fleeing, petrified or slain. The seed of misery that I sow shall spawn tormented memories. Pay obeisance to me, take heed; awake again I shall indeed. Humans, forever my minions, eternity shall be my dominion. I shall seek once more release, when I crave to be appeased.


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  1. Rohini Kohli permalink

    Dear Cubs,

    This poem hits me with the same impact that I first read it with, it has an amazing and deafening energy within, which explodes through the words.
    I like it and also the rythm of the lines


  2. Erica permalink

    Wow! Great poem!

  3. vinayakkohli permalink

    Thank you !

  4. Jenny permalink

    Hey, its great work! I like it alot.

  5. amit permalink

    Keep it up Vinayak ! The poem has great depth and feelings …

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