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Ode to a Knightingale.

September 27, 2007

I am a Knight; in shining armour I am clad,
With faithful steed galloping night and day,
Wearing iron once nearly cost me a gonad,
Yet from my duty I never sway.

Over mighty hills, through barren land,
l travel like a maniacal bitch,
Evil I purge by my own hand,
Come Famine, Deluge or Jock Itch.

While on my travels I go easy on the beer
And also eat light because of my attire,
For if I need to piss or crap urgently I fear
That the eventualities could be quite dire.

I fancy my chances in a duel, if mounted,
Masterfully wielding a lance,
Which if the fun factor is counted
Is also good for a pole dance.

So basically I am Sir Lancelot
With a bit of a kinky side,
I also like to prance a lot
But I take it in my stride.

One Comment
  1. A nice read. :) Humorous also

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