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Drivin in Delhi.

July 17, 2007

A Rap Song tracing the journey from angry rant to savage delusional behaviour.

Drivin in Delhi’s drivin me up the wall,
Rules? There are none, just a freakin free-for-all.
Crazy summer heat makes me feel like faintin,
Cows walking the road freakin Dali paintin.
Snail-pace traffic someone help me cross this chasm,
People honkin all round just heightened my wargasm.
Guy overtakes me wrong side N’ still gives me profanity,
The bitch just drove me way past insanity.

Don’t anyone now dare cross the road aimlessly.
Cos I won’t think twice to mow your ass down mercilessly.
Windscreen splatter, of bloodlust I am a fan.
Wham bam bam I live for these orgies man!
I hear the police siren, which is just as well,
cos it jus saved some from muthafuckin Hell.
He drags me out of the car, cuffs me, at him I scoff.
Poor bastard thinks I’m tripping my nuts off.
Life’s a bitch man, just a roll of dice.
“Let’s go Officer, take me to Paradise”.



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