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Ode To Beyoncé

July 15, 2007

I am inebriated way past cuckoo, and now

You metamorphose into Beyoncé Knowles and how.

What are these strange symbols that your hand inscribes

On my bare chest with that charcoal, pray describe?

O Amazon Woman I beseech you!

Sombre mantras whispered into my ear ever so gently,

Mesmerised, I listen to your voice so intently,

Transported to a primeval space, high as a kite

In a cavern by the cliff isolated by the night.

But hark! What are those strange chants coming from over there ?

Men dancing round a fire in asymmetric leaf underwear.

The light dawns on me: I will soon be sacrificed,

Prior to which I must endure being pillaged, chastised.

Trapped, helpless in this dim lit cavity,

To be sacrificed at the altar of depravity.

Beyoncé! Thou art the Goddess shrouded in mysticism,

Thou shalt perform the pleasurable exorcism.

So if you must, then go ahead ride me,

But for the love of God or Satan do not deride me.

O Amazon Woman I beseech you!


From → 'funny' poetry

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