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Discover the Alpha Male inside you today..

July 15, 2007

Ever fantasised about wearing lacy pink underwear? If yes, then the following piece of information may not be for you.

‘You, Yes You Can Be An Alpha Male’ is the revolutionary new book taking the world by storm. Written by world renowned self-help Guru, Dr. Rider ShagHard (PhD), the book tells you all that you need to know to realise your true Alpha Male potential, and much much more.

The many features of this book (which includes the free DVD):

1. Get started by filling the easy-to-answer 10 minute questionnaire given in the first chapter. The questionnaire is actually a scientifically-tested Alpha Male typology test. Depending on his answers, a man is assigned one of 4 possible Alpha Male types — John Rambo (JR), James Bond (JB), Clint Eastwood (CE) and Die Hard (DH).

a) The John Rambo (JR) Alpha Male: The JR male fantasises about being one or more of the following: war hero; highly decorated war veteran; and ex CIA special Ops. He is highly trained in the use of a bevy of weapons as well as heavy machinery (tanks, helicopter, aircraft). He possesses an incredibly muscular and well-sculpted body, has high endurance and near-inhuman tolerance to pain. Lives a nightmare existence and creates nightmares for some others. Idealistic and generally one bad muthafucka to deal with if you happen to be a bad muthafucka.

b) The James Bond (JB) Alpha Male: The JB type of guy dreams of living the ‘Martinis, Girls and Guns’ kind of life. He is highly tech-savvy and is as capable of having sex in difficult locations (and not to mention positions) as he is capable of solving the Global Energy Crises. A cold-blooded killer with a rocket scientist brain and drop- dead good looks. (Important note: JB is an incredibly rare, if not non-existent, man in real life)

c) The Clint Eastwood (CE) Alpha Male: The CE type of man is a bit of a ‘retrosexual. One can sense a dark intensity in him; he’s a ‘the shades of grey’ sort of guy. Furthermore, he has a wry sense of humour, and is usually laconic.

d) Die Hard (DH) Alpha Male: Similar to Bruce Willis’ character in the ‘Die Hard’ movie series, a DH man bears some similarity to the CE type of guy, but is different from him in a crucial way: Unlike the CE man, he believes in seeing the comical side of a ‘life-threatening’ situation — the whole laughing-and-making-puns-in-the-face of danger thingy. He is also a bit more emotionally driven than his CE counterpart.

2. There is a separate chapter on each Alpha Male type. Each chapter discusses in detail the characteristics of the particular AM Type, and contains detailed guidelines on how to realize, with remarkable simplicity, each of the characteristics and features.

3. The free DVD contains step-by-step visuals to pick up the skills which are vital in the make-up of each AM type. Some of the fascinating skills you will pick up include:
a) How to have sex while simultaneously defusing a bomb with complicated circuitry (a vital skill for the JB man).

b) How not to have sex while simultaneously defusing a bomb with complicated circuitry.

c) How to defuse a bomb with less than 2 seconds left to detonation / more than 2 seconds to detonation. Both cases are covered separately.

d)How to attract random women with smooth talk — follow our LLL formula (Lines that Ladies Love), and get drooled over in no time!

e) The DVD also contains a comprehensive list of ‘witty one-liners’, ‘comeback lines’ and ‘innovative expletives’. Taking one example (from the DVD), let us say that the JR type of man (John Rambo) is in a bar and is faced with a brawl situation with some of the local hoodlums/conmen. The ruffian says to JR ,“ So you think you are a tough-guy huh, You wanna take it outside ?” JR’s tough-guy witty response (as demonstrated in the DVD with the correct accent and intonation) is , ‘Do you want to take it INSIDE , fuckbag?’

4. Some men like to be considered as ‘ well hung’ (well endowed in the loins). This fantasy is not necessarily characteristic of any one of the AM types. To live this fantasy, Dr. ShagHard (PhD) has designed some very special types of ‘weights’ (to be purchased separately) which can be ‘hung’ by the object/s in question. The results thus far have been fruitful. Note : This technology hasn’t passed international safety regulations.

5. A whole chapter on what to do at the gym to get that the desired body, and more importantly, a list of the steroids, hormonal therapies and protein supplements that will get you the desired results. As one of our very satisfied customers puts it, ‘With a body like this, groping myself in the dark has never been this much fun. Thank you Dr Rider ShagHard (PhD).’

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