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Books Worthy of Praise..

July 15, 2007

You know those comments written by famous people at the back of books? Ever wondered if the people who write the comments read the books in the first place? A question that certainly comes to mind when reading Kohli, that world-famous proponent of the Psychedelic Wilderbeest movement. Here, we list some of the opinions on his most recent work:

“A work of supreme erudition and scholarship. Kohli has dealt with
controversial and delicate issues such as the sadomasochistic
tendencies in mules of Sub-Saharan Africa with the pristine clarity of
mud. An un-putdownable.” — The Fortnightly Gramophone

“One hell of a shag. I give this book a full 5 bunnies” — Playboy Magazine.

“Absolutely riveting” — Levis Jeans and Co.

“This is a really slim and shady book. Gimme back my 15 dollars”– Eminem

“Kohli has done it again…in his pants this time. A real tour de force. ”
— The Daily Defecation.

“This book is an exhilarating read. I must learn Shaolin Kungfu to avenge my venerable master’s killing” — House of the Flying Daggers.

“Un-putdownable or not, tell these paparazzi to get off my lawn or I
will put you down bitch.” — Kohli’s angry next door neighbour to Kohli.

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